We want you!!

Are you available now? Are you PRO? Reading time: 1 minute The company “Ethicoins”, a reality successfully established at international level, with the project to strengthen and expand its staff, research:   N.° FOUR (4) C++ PROGRAMMERS N.° THREE (3) JAVA PROGRAMMERS N.° TWO (2) PLC PROGRAMMERS N.° TWO (2) CNC PROGRAMMERS N.° TWO (2) […]

What Is Ethicoins?

Do you know the mean behind the name? Do you know why this colour was choosen? Vediamolo insieme… Reading time: 1 minute Now we explain to you…   This project was created by the Knight of Malta named Mauro Marasca, an informatic programmer with a big ethical and honor sense, who was invested as knight […]

1st monthly update

View our monthly report Stay updated with us Reading time: 1 minute Today, November 30th 2020, we are so glad to be able to announce that in the middle of the first round of our ICO campaign, we realize more than we thought. With enormous pride we proclaim that very famous and influent foundations have […]

The Birth of Ethicoins

Do you know how a certified smart contract operates? Do you know why the tokens are outnumbered? Reading time: 1 minute Ethicoins’ ICO campaign is based on a well-defined time frame, which is enclosed in a precise time period of one day of launch and one day of end, starting on November 1, 2020 and […]

Ethicoins at Forbes

Ethicoins at Forbes’ event Forbes Digital Revolution Reading time: 1 minute Now we explain to you… The our support Ethicoins has a section inside dedicated just to educational phase, that it could be visible soon on ethicoins.academy, just because helps to grow up the other people it’s important as the same of oneself, but it’s […]

What is an ICO campaign?

What’s an itilian coin offer? What’s a crowdfunding? Watch now together… Reading time: 1 minute An ICO campaign, Initial Coin Offering, is a crowfunding in a financial contest. In fatc, it’s a collaborative project between a group of people who choose to use our money to sustain projects, company or people. At the beginning, the […]