What is an ICO campaign?

What’s an itilian coin offer?

What’s a crowdfunding?

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An ICO campaign, Initial Coin Offering, is a crowfunding in a financial contest. In fatc, it’s a collaborative project between a group of people who choose to use our money to sustain projects, company or people.


At the beginning, the first ICO in a financial contest were used to collect money for the launch of cryptocurrencies, but today the ICO are used to sustain any type of projects, company or people. Any type of cryptocurrency project is linked with a creation of Tokens to collect money for the sustain of themselves. The Token’s existence and their behaviour is controlled and regulated by specific mathematics algorithms.


An ICO is completely different from an OPA (called also Tender Offer). They are similar just in the use of Tokens, because an OPA is a wish or promotional message to buy financial products. In fact, an OPA is a call for the shareholders of the target company to disinvest made from who give the offer. So, for this, the buying of Tokens isn’t regulated from the government and it should not give the propriety or rights warranty.


The first ICO was made on 2013 for the begin of Mastercoin cryptocurrency, another important example is Ethereum during in the 2014 that collect money from an ICO campaign.


From the May of 2017, there’s around 30 offers each month for the ICO… Try to think for the start of a new browser web called “Brave” its ICO collect around thirty five (35) million dollars in thirty (30) seconds.

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