What Is Ethicoins?

Do you know the mean behind the name?

Do you know why this colour was choosen?

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This project was created by the Knight of Malta named Mauro Marasca, an informatic programmer with a big ethical and honor sense, who was invested as knight directly by the Malta’s Prince, Don Thorbjorn I Paternò Castello.


The name, Ethicoins, was made by the union of two basic words that collected the real mean: “ETHIC” because this is the only cryptocurrency that has an official ethic code, and “COINS” because from the year 2021 this cryptocurrency will create another four more cryptocurrencies to sustain charity projects following a company program make available for all on the official web-site https://.ethicoins.io.


The brand’s colour is not a casual choice: the inspiration starts from the typical green colour of the northern Lights, the rare atmospheric phenomenon visible just at the Northern Pole in specific climatic conditions. In the symbology it remanded to a unique experience, made for giving a change in the own life and the others with hope, richness and joy.


It’s for this that the Ethic Code begins the real support column of this project and the final focus is the charity described in one program and divided in three big different areas, The Planet, The humanity and the Animal reign; for having the maximal action’s freedom and the ethic impact in a global effect, at the moment its in a configuration phase on the specific section ethicoins.foundation.

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